Dariush Talai مشاهده در قالب پی دی اف چاپ فرستادن به ایمیل
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Ostad Dariush Talai performing SetarDariush Talai is one of the great masters of Persian classical music, whose creativity combines finely authenticity and innovation. His art has its roots in the tradition and at the same time opens itself generously to the world.

Born in 1953 in Iran, he studied in the time-honored Persian tradition with masters of the Radif. His exceptional talent was recognized at an early age and as a young musician in Tehran, he was admitted to the circle of all the great masters of Persian Classiacl Music. In this atmosphere, he acquired an extensive knowledge of theory and a highly accomplished technique on the Tar and Setar. His teachers included the brilliant Tar player Ali Akbar Shahnazi, the late N.A. Borumand with whom he studied Radif and old compositions, as well as U. Forutan and A. Davami, with whom he studied Setar and vocal techniques and repertories.

Master Talai taught at the University of Tehran, University of Sorbonne-Paris, University of Washington-Seatlle and was awarded a number of major prizes for his contribution to Persian Art Music. His collaboration with prestigious artists such as Maurice Bejart, Carolyn Carlson, Michel Portal… and with his numerous recordings and concerts throughout Europe and the USA, he has found a place in the western cultural heritage.

Dariush Talai is not only an outstanding performer and master of Persian Art Music but, unlike most his predecessors, conscious that the Art Music, its techniques and repertory must be organized, explained and exposed in accessible books and if need, accompanied with audio materials. He has published several books and created a new method according to this principle.



Dariush Talai performs a Chaharmezrab (composed by Darvish Khan) in Dastgah e Mahour 


also visit Dariush Talai's official website : dariush-talai.com

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