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Tuesday, 07 April 2009 22:16

Portrait of Ahmad Ebadi, master of Persian music and SetarAhmad Ebadi was born in 1906 in Tehran. He was Mirza Abdollah's last son and was only 7 years old when he lost his father. His two sisters, Moloud and Molouk, and his brother Javad had remarkably well understood their father's spirit and learnt Tar and Setar from him. Ebadi began his Setar apprenticeship with his sisters and at the age of 18 became an excellent performer. During the years of service at the Radio, he shined with his incredible creativity in improvisation (as all the Radio programs were live) and also his perfect use of the "single string" or "tak sim" technique in Setar performance. During many years his performances were broadcasted from the National Radio, especially in the "Golha" Program, either in solo or in group. His Last works were gathered by Ostad Hossein Tehrani, great master of Tombak and one of his best friends, in a book called Shahnavaz. When he passed away in 1992 in Tehran, Ostad Ebadi was the last member of what was called the "Family of Art", Aqa Ali Akbar Khan Farahani (the most prominent musician of the Qajar period)'s family.


Ostad Ahmad Ebadi performing Setar in Dasgtah e Shur (private video, undated)



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