On the Radif of Persian Classical Music ( Meshkatian) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Parviz Meshkatian   
Friday, 26 December 2008 01:08

Although music is an international language, every culture has its own musical dialect. Musical communication, like oral communication, evolves depending on the historical and social necessities of each culture.

The compilation of the essentials of classical, or traditional music of Iran has been attributed to the family of Agha Ali Akbar Farahani, and especially to Ali Akbar's sons Agha Hosseingholi and particularly Mirza Abdollah (d. 1918). This collection of all the materials which have been communicated and preserved by oral tradition, through many generations by the old masters, is called the Radif. Comparing the Radif with present-day folk music of Iran clearly shows how the scales and melodic characteristics of most goushes (melodic structures in the Radif) have many similarities to the melodies of the music of various regions of Iran.

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