1962 Setar performance by Dariush Safvat مشاهده در قالب پی دی اف چاپ فرستادن به ایمیل
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"Persian setar master Daryush Safvat playing the modes Chahargah and Abu Ata in Paris in about 1962. The sound recording was made by Lloyd Miller who recently added photos and video visuals from the 1970s attempting to partly match the video with the sound for this posting. Dr. Safvat is still active in Iran as the main exponent of the correct traditional old modal system which has been passed down over the millenia. In Paris Dr. Safvat taught Persian traditional music at the Centre d'etudes de musique orientale where Mr. Miller studied santur, setar and zarb. In the 1970s, Dr. Safvat was the main force in salvaging traditional Persian music from destruction by westernization. "

Dr. Lloyd Miller


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