Ruhangiz singing "Ziba" ...
Subject: Ruhangiz singing "Ziba" ...
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Audio > Rouhangiz singing "Ziba" in Mahour

Batoul Abbasi better known as "Rouhangiz" (1904-1984), one of the most famous 20th century female Persian vocalist sings "Ziba" (beautiful in Persian), a Tasnif in Dastgah e Mahour, accompanied by "Iranpour" Orchestra.




Introducing 2 new albums by Sepideh Raissadat:


CD > 14 Cheerful Pieces

14 cheerful pieces“, the latest CD by Sepideh Raissadat and Reza Ghassemi (Moshtaq Ensemble) was released on October 25, 2010.

This CD is the result of several months of distant work (mainly through the internet, skype) and concerts in Europe (Strasbourg, London and Paris). It is published by Buda Musique, an internationally renowned label in World Music edition.

Those 14 pieces are all compositions by Reza Ghassemi, a famous novelist, theatre director and musician.

This recording is in Avaz-e Bayat-e Tork and Dastgah-e Rast-Panjgah with modulations to Shur and  Esfahan (Persian classical music modes).

Link to the album's page on Buda Musique


CD > Anwar, on the foot steps of Abdol Ghader Maraghi

Anwâr - From Samarqand to Costantinople on the Footsteps of Marâghî

An album by Ensemble Maraghi & Sepideh Raissadat

A musical journey on the footsteps of ‘Abd ul-Qâdir ‘ibn Ghaybi Marâghî (1360? - 1435): he was a musician, a composer and a musicologist who lived along the net of trade routes called ‘Silk Road’.

Link to the album's age on  FELMAY RECORDS

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